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Archives for March 2012

Are Blu-ray movies too loud?

(Credit: Steve Guttenberg) Admit it: you’d love to watch movies at home that never get too loud or too quiet. You’d never have to lunge for the remote when the villain’s plane crashes, to turn the sound down. We want movies that always have the same volume, like music, where the volume never changes. We […]

Study: Movies can improve health

Who knew movie night could offer so many health benefits? Whether you buy a ticket or rent to watch on the couch, just make sure the screen fare is of the three-hankie genre and that the snack fare includes popcorn and chocolate. That very combo, according to a trio of new scientific reports, should enhance […]

Tamati Coffey to host NZ’s Got Talent

Related TVNZ announces plan for NZ’s Got Talent Breakfast presenters voted sexiest on the box TV ONE’s Breakfast weather presenter Tamati Coffey will be the host of TVNZ’s new big-budget entertainment series, New Zealand’s Got Talent. The show will be a local version of the globally successful entertainment format, which famously made a star of […]

Celebrity Rewind: Kardashians in bikinis and the new ‘it’ girl from ‘Mad Men’ – The Star-Ledger

Topping the week in celebrity shots, we have the Kardashians three — whose first and last initials are not appropriate in acronym form. The sisters modeled bikinis for their Kardashian Kollection at Sears. A leaked photo from the ad campaign got around, showing Kourtney and Kim in their suits and Khloe wearing hers with a […]

Nintendo Entertainment System FINALLY Gets Google Maps

Google is the best of all innovators in the world and today they’ve proven it once again, they’ve brought Google Maps to the 8-bit classic gaming console the Nintendo Entertainment System. All praise Nintendo Power! Have you ever been lost in Zelda and wished you could just load up a map app to find your […]

MIPTV: RHI Entertainment Rebrands, Names Stewart Till as CEO

RHI Entertainment made noise on the Croisette on Saturday with the TV development, production and distribution company announcing a rebranding as Sonar Entertainment under CEO Stewart Till. Robert Halmi Sr. Exits RHI EntertainmentMIPTV 2012: Carl Potts’ ‘Last of the Dragons’ Miniseries Set to LaunchMIPTV: Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘The Return of Super Fly’ Among Library Titles […]

Music Review: Peggy Seeger – Peggy Seeger Live

There must be some good longevity genes in the Seeger family as Peggy (age 76), her brother Mike (age 75), and half-brother Pete (92) are still going strong despite their advancing years. Peggy Seeger may not be as well-known as Pete, but she has been just as dedicated to social causes and traditional folk music […]

Grammy Museum exhibit has visitors taking a walk on the darker side of LA’s …

“A lot of people, especially folks not from Los Angeles, might come in thinking, ‘OK, I’ll learn about the Doors and I’m going to learn about the Beach Boys. Which you will,” says Josh Kun, who curated the exhibit running through June 3. But there’s also a much richer, more diverse and sometimes much darker […]

ACM Awards give country music fans a chance to be heard

Associated PressWill Taylor Swift rule the ACM Awards? Preview 47th annual Academy of Country Music Awards When: 8 p.m. Sunday. Where: WOIO Channel 19. Global warming can’t be a myth. First off, there’s the evidence that Cleveland has just enjoyed its mildest winter ever. But even more telling is the increased number of rednecks resulting […]

Cancer-stricken NJ teen to miss date with Taylor Swift

Now the fickle fight will keep the high school senior from Stratford, N.J., from accompanying the superstar to Sunday night’s Academy of Country Music Awards. Hours after being in “great spirits” Thursday, and a day before his planned departure to Las Vegas for the show, McGuire was dealt a 103-degree fever and taken to Children’s […]