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Avengers Movie: Five Funniest Scenes

Avengers Movie: Five Funniest Scenes

By: Scott Johnson on May 12, 2012

Avengers Movie Funniest Moments

Unfortunately, when most superhero movies inspire laughter, it’s usually not a good thing. Comedy is a very difficult thing to pull off in a comic book movie because there is a very fine line between funny and campy. The Avengers is one of those rare superhero movies, where the humor actually works. There are several laugh out loud moments in The Avengers, which do not take away from the action sequences, but serve to enhance the overall entertainment value of the movie. Both Joss Whedon and the actors themselves deserve enormous credit for making The Avengers funny in a good way.

Here are our favorite humorous moments in The Avengers. Be sure to let us know what scenes had you laughing the loudest in our comment section, and if there are any scenes we overlooked for the top five. Of course, it should go without saying at this point, but since we are describing specific scenes, there will be spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet (as if there are people who still haven’t seen the movie).

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Playing Galaga – There are few actors who have a way with words as well as Robert Downey Jr. In one of his rants, Tony Stark casually mentions, “That man is playing Galaga, thought we wouldn’t notice,

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