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Barack Obama Movies: President Fan Of ‘Beetlejuice’ Says Michael Keaton

Barack Obama’s taste in movies is a lot like yours. The president — who has often discussed how he took future-wife Michelle to see “Do The Right Thing” on their first date — is a big fan of Tim Burton’s 1988 classic horror-comedy “Beetlejuice.” At least that’s the word from star Michael Keaton.

In an expansive interview with Grantland, Keaton revealed that when he met Obama, the soon-to-be president wondered what so many have in the past: Why doesn’t Keaton make more movies?

“Yeah, first words out of Obama’s mouth — and again, I was just meeting the man who was about to become the leader of the free world,” Keaton recalled. “He’s walking down the hallway, arms outstretched like this to greet me — and his first sentence to me was, ‘Why don’t you make more movies?'”

According to Keaton, Obama is a “huge ‘Beetlejuice’ fan,” though whether he also enjoyed that film with Michelle during their courtship is unclear.

Keaton is notoriously press shy, which makes his chat with Grantland all the more special. In addition to politics, the former Batman discussed the fraternity of stars who have played the Caped Crusader, including Christian Bale and George Clooney.

“I’ve only hung out with [Clooney] twice, I think, in my life,” he said. “And he occasionally did say things, and I just had no idea what he was talking about. He’d say, ‘Hey, it’s for the brotherhood,’ and I’d go, ‘Yeah!’ and I’d go, [whispering] ‘What brotherhood?'” Keaton and Clooney appeared together in the 1998 film “Out of Sight.”

For more on Keaton, head over to Grantland.

[via Grantland]

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