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5 worst movies ever made in Utah

This atrocious film proves a few things. First, a movie can be called “Troll 2” even though it has no trolls in it and it has no connection to the original “Troll” film. Second, it’s possible to score a 0 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Third, Utah is birthplace of the worst film of all time.

“Troll 2” is so stunningly bad that it has attracted a cult following and spawned an award-winning documentary called “Best Worst Movie.” Written and directed by an Italian named Claudio Fragasso (who used a pseudonym, which is telling), the movie boasts bad acting, bad dialogue, bad jokes and bad costumes.

When Fragasso arrived in Utah, he set up production in the town of Morgan and sent out a casting call for actors. Curious locals showed up, hoping to be extras. Despite their complete lack of acting experience, many were given leading roles and soon found themselves neck-deep in the quicksand of “Troll 2.”

Here’s a quick synopsis of the plot: a family travels to a town called Nilbog, which is inhabited by vegetarian goblins who want to turn them into plants and eat them. Only Fragasso could’ve dreamed up a process like this: vegetarian goblins feel an overwhelming urge to eat people, but due to their stance on meat consumption, they have to first trick the humans into ingesting a veggie-converting elixir, wait for the humans to morph into plants, and then eat them. It’s terribly inefficient, but makes for some hilarious scenes in the movie.

The finished film, appropriately called “Goblins,” was so bizarre that distributors decided to market it as a sequel to the 1986 movie “Troll.” The first movie (which famously featured a boy wizard named Harry Potter) had been a modest success, so it was hoped that viewers would

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