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Archives for August 2013

At the movies: The summer’s biggest apocalyptic hits and misses

Doomsayers have been predicting the end of the world for several millenniums now. In the summer of 2013, Hollywood got in on that act in a big way. This was truly an apocalyptic summer season, with no fewer than seven films sporting an “end of the world” theme of one shade or another. The list […]

Ethan Hawke Runs Down Everything in Sight in ‘Getaway’

Mr. Hawke’s character, Brent Magna, is a former professional racecar driver whose wife (Rebecca Budig) is kidnapped. An anonymous caller, identified in the credits as the Voice (Jon Voight), warns Brent that he will never see her again unless he steals a vehicle from a parking garage and follows instructions. For the next 80 minutes, […]

Movies: ‘The Grandmaster’ mixes amazing fight scenes with a soulful romance

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Brian De Palma’s ‘Passion’ Stars Rachel McAdams

And why not? The modern workplace can be a dull and dutiful place, where cutthroat competition is masked by smiley team spirit. So there is something refreshing about the way Mr. De Palma infuses the sterile, gleaming Berlin offices of a global advertising firm with his high-toned, elegant naughtiness. “Passion” is a swirl of bright […]

Latest North Carolina news, sports, business and entertainment

HIGH SCHOOL SHOOTING NC high school student shot; suspect captured WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) — Police say a student at a Winston-Salem high school was shot and wounded, and that another student is in custody. A statement from police said officers responded to a report of a shooting at around 2:30 p.m. Friday at Carver High […]

Unfinished, sure, but Lincoln’s entertainment district still entertains on …

A chain-link fence cordoned off unfinished areas to the east of The Railyard during its public debut Friday. But on the Canopy Street side, orange-clad construction workers mingled with people enjoying the nightlife in Husker red. The Nebraska Alumni Association held the first of its “Football Fridays” surrounded by work zones in the West Haymarket […]

The Week in Movies: Passion and One Direction in 3Directions

Welcome to Annotate This, where we gather reviews, trailers, and annotate the posters for movies coming out this week. It will help you decide what to avoid, what to see, and what to pretend to see. Click on the image above to add your comments to the mix. Passion Doing-the-right-amount-of-too-much auteur Brian De Palma has […]

Pixar replaces another director, this time on ‘The Good Dinosaur’

Pixar’s fifteenth feature film The Good Dinosaur will hit theaters next May. It might sound strange, then, that the beloved animation studio has just fired the film’s director, Bob Peterson, from the project, according to the LA Times. But Pixar has lately made swapping directors Standard Operating Procedure — most controversially with last year’s Brave, […]

Around Wyoming: Arts & Entertainment – Casper Star

Cowboy artist Jason Rich was chosed as the featured artist for the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival. His oil painting “River Overlook – Gros Ventre River Ranch” is the poster for this year’s festival. Rich grew up riding, training and drawing horses on a farm in southern Idaho. He spent summers on cattle drives with […]

World Wrestling Entertainment touts far-reaching military outreach programs

Tweet When it comes to fighting for our nation’s freedoms, the men and women of the United States armed forces know no equal. And when it comes to honoring those same men and women, there is one entertainment company that continually fights to honor, aid, and pay tribute to their heroism. World Wrestling Entertainment military […]