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Catapult Shadow Dancers Get Standing Ovation for Sandy Hook Tribute on AGT



Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent” quarterfinals came to a moving close with Catapult Entertainment.

The shadow dancers — who perform behind a screen using their silhouettes to tell stories — paid tribute to the lives lost in December’s massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Catapult’s leader, who lives near Newtown, and his group touchingly acted out the story of a child’s life.

“You guys are on a different level of imagination. It is so beautiful to watch what you guys do behind that screen,” Heidi Klum said afterward, adding, “This is the best act of tonight. I love it.”

Mel B told the dancers, “This really was a true celebration of life. You took us on a journey. I didn’t want it to stop at all… My favorite, has to be.”

Howie Mandel pointed out that producers scheduled Catapult to perform last, and said they were smart to do so, explaining, “I promise you, there isn’t anybody that has been on this stage that could follow you.”

“To see the circle of life that these children who we lost in Connecticut will never have and you depicted it,” he continued, “It’s just amazing. It is amazing. I have no words.”

And Howard Stern said, “It’s very hard to get me emotional — you did,” going on to declare they “stole the show tonight.”

“You are phenomenal talents and you’re definitely going through,” he added.

Check out the emotional video below.

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