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Archives for September 2013

Turner Classic Movies To Premiere ‘Oscar’ Docu In Lead-Up To Academy Awards

As part of TCM’s annual 31 Days of Oscar® showcase in February 2014, the network will present the world premiere of Oscar, a brand-new documentary tracing the history of the Academy Awards. Produced by Telling Pictures, Inc., in association with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Academy) and Hollywood Newsreel, this fascinating […]

Quidditch Could Play a Big Part in Future Potterverse Movies

The world of Harry Potter could live for eons to come. First, we had Warner Bros. announcing they weren’t done cashing in on the mega-hit and landed original author J.K. Rowling to help turn her 2001 spin-off book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them—a textbook at Hogwarts, no less—into a feature film. But now […]

Astronaut and a Writer at the Movies

Watching Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as marooned astronauts, spinning out of control, bouncing off each other like yo-yos, is enough to make you forget your idyllic dreams of zero gravity. As Ms. Bullock tumbles and scrambles across arrays of solar panels and other spacecraft appendages, grabbing frantically at anything lest she float off to […]

Who killed the Halloween horror movies?

Chloe Moretz stars in the titular role in ‘Carrie,’ the only horror movie scheduled for the pre-Halloween weekend this year.(Photo: Michael Gibson, Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures/Screen Gems) Story Highlights ‘Carrie’ is the only horror movie scheduled for the pre-Halloween weekend this year Horror movies are now released all year long Any Friday the 13th is […]

Global Eagle Entertainment hires Jay Itzkowitz as general counsel

Jay Itzkowitz, a well-regarded entertainment industry attorney who has held key positions at News Corp. and Vivendi Universal, is joining Global Eagle Entertainment as senior vice president and general counsel. Los Angeles-based Global Eagle Entertainment, whose backers include prominent Hollywood executives Jeff Sagansky and Harry Sloan, provides airlines with in-flight video content, live television, e-commerce […]

September’s Best Entertainment Photography

Fall is upon us: Days are growing shorter, leaves are changing, entertainment photo subjects are wearing sleeves and jackets. This month we have Shailene Woodley in a denim jacket, Aaron Paul in a green velvet blazer, Rooney Mara in a poncho thing, and Jennifer Lawrence, who isn’t wearing a coat but is draped in puppies. […]

Get Kevin Reynolds News and alerts free to your inbox

Kevin Reynolds is on board to direct “Resurrection” for LD Entertainment. LD will produce and finance the pic with Mickey Liddell and Patrick Aiello producing through the banner. The story tells of the first 40 days after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ through the eyes of an agnostic Roman Centurion charged by Pontius Pilot to […]

‘Breaking Bad’ series finale ratings smash all records

Breaking Bad will not only be remembered as a TV drama that went out on top — creatively, and in terms of popularity — but possibly as a game-changer for underdog TV shows. The second half of the fifth season premiered last month to a stunningly large audience for the long-struggling cult-favorite series, delivering a […]

‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Recap: Heisenberg Certainty Principle

<!– –> <!– –> Jesse Pinkman built the perfect box. He sawed it off, sanded it down, hammered it together, smoothed it out, and carried it away with all the pride of a first-time father. This is the fantasy-memory he retreated to when reality became too broken for him to face at last – the […]

Bad Movies You Wish You Never Saw

Share this: CommentsComments(1)Comments() Email Print 0 THE LAST AIRBENDER. It was the first of a trilogy, but it really was the LAST airbender. From the choices some people made in the comments, it seems that there is a desire out there to talk about . . . Bad Movies You Wish You Never Saw.  So […]