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Archives for February 2014

Bridgeton city park plan would tout recreation, health, entertainment …

Larry DiVietro Jr., of Land Dimension Engineering out of Glassboro, gives hsi firm’s concept of what Bridgeton City Park could become Tuesday night before city council.    BRIDGETON — Councilman Bill Spence hears people talk about the Cohanzick Zoo as the city park. Not part of it, but the whole park. Determined to change that […]

California could lose status as entertainment industry leader, economist warns

KPCC/Jennifer Smith KPCC’s Larry Mantle moderates a panel discussion on runaway production and what California must do to remain competitive in the entertainment industry. California could lose its status as an entertainment industry leader if it doesn’t take action to stop the flight of film and television production jobs to other states that offer more […]

Entertainment Geekly: How to Fix ‘Girls’

Entertainment Geekly is a weekly column that examines pop culture through a geek lens and simultaneously examines contemporary geek culture through a pop lens. So many lenses! Related Entertainment Geekly: The New Rules of Spoilers Entertainment Geekly: Why are we so obsessed with the 1980s? Let’s all just stop talking about the nudity on ‘Girls’ […]

Entertainment Stocks Looking Good As Oscars Approach

On Sunday, Hollywood will put on its version of the Super Bowl, as the who’s who in the movie industry gathers in Los Angeles for the Oscars to honor the year’s best creative and cinematic achievements in the world of film.  Just like the Super Bowl, the hype surrounding this event seems to get bigger […]

How to Watch Oscar-Nominated Movies Online

The Oscars are this Sunday and it’s likely that you haven’t watched all of the films up for that coveted gold statue. That’s OK, we haven’t either, which is why we set about finding out how we can watch them online. As it turns out, we can screen most of them at home thanks to […]

Movie review: Liam Neeson thrills in ‘Non-Stop’

Thrillers that maintain tension throughout, like the Liam Neeson murder-on-a-plane movie ?Non-Stop,? are rare enough that some of the script?s dumber moves can be forgiven. But ?Non-Stop?s? dumbest move ? suggesting a link between its fictional B-movie plot and the real events of Sept. 11, 2001 ? cannot be forgiven. Twelve and a half years […]

Kids’ Movies Childless Adults Shouldn’t Feel Weird About Watching

Pixar If you’re an adult without a child, odds are you’ve wanted to see a kids’ movie but have felt pretty weird about it. That weirdness fuels a strategy to somehow see the movie shame-free: taking your niece or nephew, inviting your friends with kids, or dressing inconspicuously and walking into the theater with a […]

KFOR: Oklahoma television newsman and Journalism Hall of Fame member dies

Next story Warm Friday in Oklahoma, but wintry weather ahead Saturday Article source:

Interchange Media, Capitol Hill’s only* television production studio

“Tattoos of roots adorn his feet…” Capitol Hill’s super-green Bullitt Center isn’t producing much of a carbon footprint — but you might be surprised to learn it’s pumping out plenty of reality TV. Michele Gomes and Jenny Ting have established what might be the only Capitol Hill-based television production studios. Interchange Media recently created its […]

Okla. Television newsman & Journalism Hall of Fame member Jan Lovell dies

OKLAHOMA – The Sooner State lost of its journalism greats this week. Television newsman and Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame member Jan Lovell died early Wednesday morning due to lymphoma. Lovell died at age 79. He began his career when he was only 15-years-old as KVSO radio in his hometown of Ardmore. He later worked […]