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Archives for January 2015

Repertory Theatre of St. Louis starts on a new season

“All the Way,” a drama about Lyndon B. Johnson’s efforts to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964, will open the 2015-16 season at the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. Written by Robert Schenkken, “All the Way” won the 2014 Tony Award for best play. Actor Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) also won the Tony for […]

St. Louis criminal recounted in ‘The Phantom Rapist’

In 1969, a rapist in St. Louis struck at least 18 times, mostly in the Central West End. The rapist would force his way into his victims’ apartments at gunpoint, seize their money, tie them up and rape them. Sometimes, he left taunting notes for police, signing them “Phantom [Bleep]er,” which the press euphemized as […]

It’s Good That Fantastic Four Doesn’t Look Like Marvel’s Other Movies

Marvel Comics’ first modern superhero success has been made into some very bad movies. The one coming up this summer has the chance to be much better, mostly by looking nothing like the comics it came from. There’s been a lot of discussion about the teaser for director Josh Trank’s filmic reboot of the Fantastic […]

the Rise of Found-Footage Teen Movies

Paramount Pictures When Project Almanac’s trailer first surfaced last year, skeptics and gimmick-weary viewers let out something of a collective groan. The Michael Bay-produced teen-driven film lies at the ambitious intersection of the time-travel and found-footage genres: The former boasts a long list of well-loved forbears including Back to the Future, Interstellar, Donnie Darko, Looper, […]

Modern art is the focus of an exhibition at the Kemper

Abstract art has a complicated history — revered by some, ridiculed by others, and often misunderstood by the masses. What’s less acknowledged in these times of relative peace between the United States and Russia is that during the Cold War, abstract art was promoted by democratic nations as symbolizing a freedom of expression that was […]

Best-selling books for week that ended Jan. 25

Here are the best-selling books from Publishers Weekly for the week that ended Jan. 25. HARDCOVER FICTION 1. “Saint Odd” • Dean Koontz 2. “The Girl on the Train” • Paula Hawkins 3. “All the Light We Cannot See” • Anthony Doerr 4. “Gray Mountain” • John Grisham 5. “Cold Cold Heart” • Tami Hoag […]

Sundance 2015 Review: ENTERTAINMENT, Seeking The Legendary Laugh To …

Many would say there are two distinct poles to cinema-going. There are those times when you want something warm and familiar. It’s comfort food you can share with your family. Not too sweet or sour, not too heavy. And then there are the times when you need to be whisked away to far away lands, […]

Sports, Entertainment Stars Converge for ESPN Party

Stars from the sports and entertainment world mingled Friday night at ESPN’s lavish pre-Super Bowl party, which featured an energetic performance from pop newcomer Charli XCX. Actors, television sports analysts and sports stars looked on as the “Boom Clap” singer belted out several of her hits, dancing and bounding around the stage. Among the notable […]

‘The Loft’: Movie Review

Steve Dietl No Wonder They’re Not Smiling! Rachel Taylor and James Marsden star in ‘The Loft.’ Hollywood adds to its trend of awful throwbacks to trashy ’90s movies with “The Loft.” The sleazy dramatic thriller — which feels like decade-old dreck such as “Just Cause,” “Sliver” and “Shattered” — follows Jennifer Lopez’s “The Boy Next […]

Rival movies break taboo on Burma’s national hero

Burmese democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi smiles as she poses for a picture in front of a large portrait of her late father, independence leader Aung San who was assassinated in 1947, during a photo session at Aung San Suu Kyi’s Rangoon home Wednesday,July 19, 1995. Since Mrs. Suu Kyi’s July 10 release, word […]