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Archives for July 2015

Is This the Future of Entertainment News? Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation …

Okay, so this “update” about MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — ROGUE NATION is a little late, but lateness isn’t really an issue here, and there’s a reason for that. Having not fired up my non-linear editor (NLE) since moving to Philly, I wanted to shake off the cobwebs with a little finger exercise that’d take me through […]

See Why Entertainment Is the Darkest ‘Comedy’ of the Year

?Jokes don’t have to be funny to work. Great comedy subverts the norm, forces new perspectives, and at the very least, blindsides us. It can be played for laughs, or not. Writer-director Rick Alverson is making a career out of the alternative. In 2011’s The Comedy, Alverson recruited Tim Heidecker to crack the “manchild comedy” […]

Baltimore seeks arts and entertainment district improvements

By: Adam Bednar Daily Record Business Writer July 31, 2015 Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced a plan Friday that she says will strengthen the city’s three arts and entertainment districts. A work group released a report with 27 recommendations on how to improve the 13-year-old Arts Entertainment Districts program. That program has resulted in the Bromo Seltzer […]

7 Video Game Movies Worth Watching

By Jared Petty A glance at the three-and-a-half decade history of video game movie adaptations and arcade-inspired films reveals a landscape littered with disappointment. Most game films range somewhere between merely meh and obnoxiously odious. The most recent misfire, Pixels, garnered a 4.5 rating from IGN. But sprinkled amidst the masses of mediocrity and canyons […]

The 15 Funniest, Sweatiest Summer Camp Movies

Paramount Pictures Ah, summer camp. There’s something about being away from Mom and Dad and under the supervision of a bunch of college kids who really couldn’t care less that sets the mischief and the hormones raging. With the Wet Hot American Summer Netflix series now available for binge watching, let’s take a look at […]

14 Ways Spy Movies Are Nothing Like Real Life

While seeing the absolutely entertaining Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation this weekend, you may find yourself asking some questions: Are all real-life spies as handsome as Tom Cruise? Is it really possible to create a convincing disguise in minutes? What would happen if an actual intelligence officer threw protocol out the window and jumped onto a […]

Eight Great Movies About Journalists

On Wednesday the trailer for Oscar contender Spotlight was released. The film tells the story of the reporters at the Boston Globe who uncovered the clergy sexual abuse scandal in the city. Featuring actors like Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton and Rachel McAdams spouting classic newsroom shop talk like “There’s a story here” and “I think he’s got something,” the movie promises […]

Sony Computer Entertainment UK’s boss Fergal Gara resigns

3 hours ago – 7:00 AM on 07.31.2015 // Joe Parlock   @JoeParlock Warwick Light will be replacing him Sony Computer Entertainment UK’s boss Fergal Gara has stepped down from the position, so he can “pursue a new professional venture”, according to MCV UK. Since becoming the vice president and managing director of SCE UK […]

Arts Partnership reveals lineup for upcoming entertainment series

The Arts Partnership has set the schedule for its 2015-2016 Blanchard Valley Health System Entertainment Series. Ticket sales will begin Aug. 10 for Arts Partnership patrons and on Aug. 24 to the public. Shows include: • The Street Corner Symphony, 3 p.m. Sept. 20 in R.L. Heminger Auditorium at Findlay High School. Featured on NBC’s […]

Bay Area arts and entertainment picks for the week of Aug. 2

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