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Archives for January 2016

AP Top Entertainment News at 10:14 Pm EST

‘Spotlight’ wins best ensemble at not-so-white SAG Awards Cable, streaming and Viola Davis star at the SAG Awards Quotes from Saturday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards The Latest: Keaton uses ‘Spotlight’ to praise journalism Complete list of winners at 22nd annual SAG Awards Beyond Bowie, other notables who left distinctive requests David Bowie wanted ashes scattered […]

‘Warcraft’ Movie Impressions: The Problem With Video Game Movies Is They’re Based On Video Games [OPINION]

Everybody’s super excited about the Warcraft movie, based on the strengths of a trailer or two, and the latest television spot has bumped everyone up to a fever pitch again. Admittedly, the tragic passing of the director’s father has something to do with the surge in interest as well, but Warcraft was a hot commodity […]

Artist reimagines Snow White, Pinocchio, and more Disney films in the style of Tim Burton

Ever wonder what your favorite Disney animated movies would look like if given the Tim Burton touch? Thanks to Moscow-based artist and animator Andrew Taruson, we have an idea.  Taruson designed movie posters reimagining the likes of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, and Bambi in the style of the director, who’s created such spooky works as […]

Rom-coms, hatchet jobs and Hot Shots: how movies bid presidents goodbye

American critics are drooling over the new movie about Michelle and Barack Obama’s first date. Southside With You is “a sweet, mature drama with layers of social and racial issues, family dynamics and, yes – romance,” according to Mashable. “The result makes you realise how few realistic and three-dimensional date movies have been made in […]

ESP8266 Transmits Television on Channel 3

We’ve seen a lot of ESP8266 projects in the past, but this one most definitely qualifies as a hack. [Cnlohr] noticed that the ESP8266, when overclocked, could operate the I2S port at around 80MHz and still not lose DMA data. He worked out how to create bit patterns that generate RF around 60MHz. Why is […]

NBA bans sideline television cameras after a referee was injured

Players in the NBA have been sustaining injuries after crashing into or tripping over cameras that were too close to the court for years, but it took a referee rolling his ankle for the league to finally make a change.  Less than two weeks after Scott Wall tripped over a midcourt, sideline television camera in […]

‘People v. O.J. Simpson’ turns American tragedy into great television

‘The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story’ HHHH (out of four) A beloved, immensely wealthy football hero. His beautiful ex-wife. And murder. Twenty years ago, America was obsessed with the sensational O.J. Simpson trial, as the gridiron star turned broadcaster assembled a legal dream team to fight charges that he brutally stabbed to death […]

Sesame Street, now on HBO, continues a great tradition of brilliant television parodies

Despite moving to a new neighborhood in the form of a premium cable network, Sesame Street feels right at home alongside the prestige TV it has long skewered gently in the name of children’s education. The show announced in August that episodes from its newest season would first air on HBO instead of its long-standing […]

Z2 Entertainment dominates Boulder’s live music scene

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) – In the spring of last year, Scott Rednor, owner of the Shakedown Bar in Vail, was preparing to open a new music venue in downtown Boulder. He was ready to sign a lease for a building on Walnut Street, but he said the deal fell apart at the last minute. Not […]

Three stabbed outside adult entertainment club in Davenport, Iowa

Three men were stabbed during an overnight fight in the parking lot of adult entertainment club, Tuxedos in Davenport, Iowa. The fight happened around 12:30 a.m. Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 5200 Grand Avenue, according to a statement from the Davenport Police Department. Police said all three men were taken to the hospital, but none of […]