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Help! Ever Since My Husband Cheated on Me, All I Do Is Read Books.

You say that your goal is to reduce this habit and establish a greater sense of intimacy with your husband, so I hope he’s made some serious apologies and spent an enormous amount of time and energy atoning for his behavior. I’m more than a little worried that you can “sense he is getting frustrated” with your increased self-sufficiency, because it suggests he has an expectation that things will return to “normal” on their own, without continued, good-faith effort on his part. Moreover, it suggests that he’s still not using his words to communicate with you, just indirectly making it clear when he’s displeased, which was the problem in the first place. If you two aren’t able to have regular, honest, loving conversations about how you want to spend time together and how to re-establish trust, then couples’ counseling should be your very first stop.

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