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15 books we recommend for your summer reading pleasure — plus a dozen paperbacks

It’s curious, isn’t it, how “summer reading” became a thing? Winter, with its dark afternoons and rainy weekends, seems much more suited to curling up in an armchair with a book. Perhaps it dates from childhood, when summer stretched out before us as a chance to luxuriate in books (that is, for indoorsy kids like me) until school started again. Or from the idea of beach reading, which isn’t really a Seattle thing anyway. (How does that even work, what with the glare?)

Regardless, it’s appealing to think that we’re facing a season full of reading — and I hope that this gives you a few ideas to get started. If you need more, well, we’ve got more: recommendations from local book experts, some terrific new mystery fiction, and a schedule of some of the big-name authors visiting Seattle this summer.

I started my summer reading very early this year. Still fairly new to the books beat at The Seattle Times, I’m still thrilled by the multiple boxes of books that arrive every week — and I chose 15, from the hundreds of books coming out in late spring/early summer, to dive into. Actually I chose way more than that, but these are the 15 that I couldn’t put down, and that I thought represented a nice variety of summer-reading possibilities — from the frothy fun of Kevin Kwan’s irresistible “Rich People Problems” to the grit of Don Winslow’s great cop novel “The Force,” and something for every mood in between.


A dozen new paperbacks for summer

If you’re a waiting-for-the-paperback person, try one of these; some of which I’ve read and recommend; and some of which now reside on my ever-growing reading list:

The Nix” by Nathan Hill (Knopf, $17). This sprawling novel,

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