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Google Photos can now make physical books

Google Earth gets a facelift

A trio of new Google Photos features are a gift for anyone drowning in too many photos with no time to share them.

Google Photos is getting new sharing and printing powers, in the biggest upgrade to the photo-storing service since it launched two years ago.

Soon you’ll be able to order printed books of photos, automatically share some or all photos with a significant other, and get automated suggestions about what to share and with whom based on clues like location and face detection.

Launched in 2015, Google (GOOG) Photos has been a standout hit for the company. More than 500 million people use Google Photos every month and they’re backing up 1.2 billion photos a day, according to Aravind Krishnaswamy, Google Photos’ head of engineering.

The service offers unlimited storage for compressed photos, with a paid option for full-size files. That means people don’t have to worry about choosing which images to keep or delete — a nearly impossible task in the age of constant smartphone photography.

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To make those massive libraries manageable, it’s focused on features that automate the organization and creation work. The three newest features tackle sharing.

Shared libraries: The new shared libraries feature allows you to connect your account with one other person so they can see your photos as soon as you upload them. You can choose to automatically share everything or only photos of specific people, like your kids. If you’d like to keep parts of your past private, you can choose

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