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Apple Exec Calls for Restrictions on Free Music Streaming

Apple executive and music industry veteran Jimmy Iovine is not a fan of free music streaming.

Speaking to Music Business Worldwide in an interview published this week, Iovine said that paid music streaming like his own company’s Apple Music is stymied in part by free music streaming services. He ultimately believes the music industry will need to do something about those free services to generate more revenue on streaming music.

“Two things have to happen: free has to become more difficult or restricted, and the paid services have to get better,” Iovine said in the interview, which was earlier reported on by 9to5Mac.

Iovine joined Apple (aapl) in 2014 after the iPhone maker acquired Beats, a company he co-founded with musician and producer Dr. Dre. While Beats was best known for its ubiquitous headphones, which remain on store shelves, Apple acquired the company in large part for a music streaming service Beats had developed. Soon after, it became the foundation for Apple Music.

In the last couple of years, Apple

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