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Can There Be a Global Country Music Star Who Isn’t Taylor Swift? Thomas Rhett Has Ideas …

Thomas Rhett has a global vision, one that would make him almost unique in country music.

The rising singer-songwriter, who’s had a string of No. 1 hits on the Billboard Country charts, will make his fourth trip to the United Kingdom in the past 18 months in November, where he’ll play to approximately 10,000 fans, including an expected sellout crowd in London. While those numbers dwarf what he can draw in the states, the U.K. trip is a first step in an ambitious plan to grow an international audience that will support a true world tour, something almost unheard of for contemporary country music stars not named Taylor Swift.

“I would love to go play shows in Australia. I would love to hit more countries in Europe;it would be fun to play Dubai,” Rhett said in a video prepared for Tuesday’s “Country Music’s Gone Global” panel at the Music Biz 2017 conference in Nashville. “It sounds really unfeasible right now because nobody’s really ever done it, but [pop artists] were saying that too before they started playing in these markets. When people in the pop industry do a world tour, they’re playing in Tokyo and London and Australia. I think it would be really cool to go do a legitimate world tour someday.”

While Western pop music appeals to a worldwide audience, modern country has yet to completely make the jump across the oceans to Europe and Asia. But artists like Rhett — young, with a pop-leaning sound that appeals across genres — are starting to put in the work to build a similar world circuit.


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