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Survivor: Michaela says Jeff Probst almost let Cirie play the vote steal

The other contestants never really gave Michaela Bradshaw a chance to play on this season of Survivor. And I mean that literally as they even forced her to sit out a challenge even though she is as fierce an athlete as there is. Regardless of the reason, Michaela never gelled with tribemates on Survivor: Game Changers, so she became expendable once Cirie failed to make a big move with Sarah’s vote steal.

But what if Cirie had been able to play it? According to Troyzan’s Twitter feed and Michaela herself, there was confusion at Tribal Council over the advantage, and host Jeff Probst almost let Cirie play it — which could have potentially changed the entire season — until Troyzan spoke up and pointed out it was non-transferable. (You can read Probst’s comments on the twist and the non-transferable nature in our weekly QA.) Michaela spoke about that and a lot more when she called into EW Morning Live (Entertainment Weekly Radio, SiriusXM, channel 105) to talk about her time on the island, and you can now hear the entire thing on the EW Morning Live podcast below. Here are a few highlights from our chat:

On why she was the one voted out:
“I was what they call guilty by association. Cirie was genuinely believing that Tai was a threat and wanted to protect Sarah. Why? I don’t know. So she comes up with this crazy idea that ‘I’m going to take Sarah’s advantage, steal Sarah’s vote just to vote Tai out of the game.’ And what happened was, Sarah got spooked by that because she didn’t okay that. Sarah was smart enough to give Cirie the advantage at the last minute so Cirie never actually had a chance

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