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TV Hall of Fame: 40 worthy television legends who should be inducted next

It’s been three long years since the last time the Television Academy inducted people into their TV Hall of Fame. Why hasn’t the selection committee deemed it necessary to have a ceremony since 2014? It certainly hasn’t been for a lack of worthy candidates, so we now remind that small peer group about the distinctions of 40 people who need to be inducted next in this photo gallery.

The first induction was held in 1984 and it’s been an annual tradition almost every year (until recently). That class of legends consisted of actress/executive Lucille Ball, actor/comedian Milton Berle, writer Paddy Chayefsky, writer/producer Norman Lear, journalist Edward R. Murrow, CBS founder William S. Paley, and NBC founder David Sarnoff.

The most recent class from spring 2014 featured the inductions of sound engineer Ray Dolby, writer/producer David E. Kelley, comedian/host Jay Leno, actress/producer Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Fox executive Rupert Murdoch, and ABC executive Brandon Stoddard.

For our recommendation list, we offer up 40 individuals who all deserve to be part of the TV Hall of Fame. Quite honestly, we are surprised that all of them have not been included already given three decades of selections. Our top 10 names consist of host/producer David Letterman, actor/comedian Don Knotts, actress/comedian Lily Tomlin, documentarian Ken Burns, actress Tyne Daly, director Jay Sandrich, actor Peter Falk, sports journalist/host Bob Costas, actress/host Ellen DeGeneres, and actor Michael J. Fox. Every one of them is a multiple Emmy winner who has made an impact on television history.

Take a tour through our photo gallery to see these trailblazers plus the full group of 40 people.

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