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Why Is HBO Still Stuck Making Mediocre TV Movies?

For nearly three decades, HBO’s path was par for the course. But with streaming services like Netflix and Amazon getting into not just distribution, but also production, the notion of a “TV Movie” has either drastically evolved or been systematically dismantled. These are ostensibly HBO’s competitors: They’re primarily in the series business, intently focused on glitzy Emmy campaigns, and fighting for development deals with big-name creators like Matthew Weiner and Jenji Kohan. And yet their movies are anything but small-screen in scope: Netflix is backing Bong Joon-Ho’s upcoming Okja, premiering in competition at Cannes, while Amazon is financing promising auteur projects like Beautiful Boy, Oscar nominee Felix van Groeningen’s addiction drama starring Steve Carell and Amy Ryan, and Richard Linklater’s new movie with Bryan Cranston. The ways in which these films are being released, consumed, and experienced are generating plenty of debate, but there’s no doubting the ambition and quality being put on display. HBO isn’t even in that realm of moviemaking. You’re likelier to see Barry Levinson’s name on two forgettable HBO films in one year than you are to see someone like Linklater get behind something for the network.

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