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Wonder Woman: How the superheroine (finally) made it to the big …

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On March 20, The New York Times published a Metropolitan Diary column about a group of octogenarians on their way to see Fences. While taking an escalator in a movie theater near Union Square, the women chatted about the future. “I hope I live until summer,” said one. “Why?” asked another. “Because your granddaughter is getting married?” “No!” the first woman said. “Because I want to see the Wonder Woman movie.”

That little exchange has had a big impact on Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. “It brought tears to my eyes,” she says. “Because I love Wonder Woman, and I have grown up seeing who else loves Wonder Woman, I know there is this huge swath of women — and men — who love Wonder Woman in this old-school way.”

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On June 2, Jenkins (Monster) will unveil her action-packed ode to the iconic Amazon princess, and finally — 76 years after psychologist William Moulton Marston created her — Wonder Woman will star in her own film. The origin story tracks Princess Diana’s transformation from a young, curious, and somewhat rebellious child living on the idyllic island of Themyscira among her all-female family into a bullheaded young woman. Played with a mix of spunk and humility by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, Diana is spurred toward her destiny when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), an American spy, crashes near

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