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MUSIC: The Prefab Messiahs, decades later, build young fan base

Summer is here and while many people are headed outdoors, The Prefab Messiahs can relate to the sometimes gripping desire to stay inside.

“Sometimes Sunnydaze,” the band’s latest release, is about feeling the pressure to go outside and enjoy sunny days, but not wanting to, according to the band’s songwriter, vocalist and backup guitarist Xeth “Xerox” Feinberg.

“I can’t take the glare of reality/So much wasted potentiality/And I don’t want to go outside/And I don’t want to be outside/And I don’t want to look outside again,” Feinberg sings. The “Sometimes Sunnydaze” music video, shot by Matthew Horn, the band’s current drummer, follows Feinberg — disguised in a chicken mask — frolicking about on a nice day.

Feinberg, an animator, assembles music videos to accompany most of their songs, and the music videos have become a part of the band’s identity, bassist Kris “Trip” Thompson said. Though their latest 10-track album is complete, it will not be completely released until music videos have been made for each song, adding a visual element to their music. As the videos are completed, The Prefab Messiahs have been releasing them one by one.

The first track released from this year’s album was “The Man Who Killed Reality,” in March. This song was inspired by the recent presidential election, Feinberg said. The video, which features an animated version of President Trump, has more than 5,230 views on YouTube, making it the band’s most viewed video. “I think the theme and subject matter helped a lot with that,” Thompson said.

Feinberg, Thompson and lead guitarist Mike “Doc” Michaud have spent the past several years seriously redeveloping The Prefab Messiahs, which they started at Clark University in 1981. “We’re kind of a comeback band that never came in the

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