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We know it’s early. But here are the books you should be reading this fall

We can hardly believe the end of summer is looming. The heat is ferocious and so are the soaking rain storms that turn our streets into canals. And who knows how many hurricane scares lie ahead?

But we’re so close to fall. The kids are complaining about heading back to school soon (parents, oddly, are not). We busted the budget with our tax-free shopping weekend. Traffic will soon be back to its regularly scheduled, miserable, soul-crushing disaster.

And the fall books are almost here.

Falls books are different from summer books (which you’re still probably trying to catch up on). They’re literary. They’re Important. But they are also often so, so good.

So to get you ready for September a little early, we present the books you don’t want to miss this fall.


“Sourdough,” Robin Sloan (MCD/Farrar Straus and Giroux): In his novel “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore” book, Sloan unraveled a mystery about a web designer who takes a job in a peculiar all-night Bay area book shop. New technology clashed, then melded, with classic history. “Sourdough” promises a similar sort of tech and analog mashup, in this case involving the food industry: a software engineer learns to bake bread and uncovers a secret underground market. We’re already hungry for it. Out Sept. 5.

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