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30 movies you need to see before you die

Comedy is horribly subjective, but I’d wager most everyone who’s experienced the jumbo mishaps of The Dude has laughed the oxygen right out of the room. In that character, the Coen Bros. concocted a zen loser for the ages, portrayed by a never-more-inspired Jeff Bridges as a sloppy passivist (that’s not a typo) living by a disarmingly elegant philosophy: The Dude abides. It sort of helps him navigate a way-bonkers plot of mistaken identity, kidnapping and bowling. Lots of bowling.

The Dude is an oaf (albeit sometimes a wise one), yet is the sanest person in the film; most representative of the mad, mad, mad, mad world around him are John Goodman’s bodacious, bellicose mess Walter Sobchak and Julianne Moore’s wildly pretentious artist Maude Lebowski. His hallucinogenic “Gutterballs” fantasy – set to Kenny Rogers and the First Edition’s “Just Dropped In” – is probably the looniest thing ever put to celluloid. And those who criticize the film for its proliferation of expletives aren’t, like, seeing the forest for the effs, man.

See also: “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” “Some Like it Hot,” “Ghostbusters,” “Groundhog Day,” “Raising Arizona”

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