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Stephen King’s It: New images from the killer clown thriller

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Things are simply wrong here. It looks like a nice place to live. People are going about their daily business. The storefronts and homes are clean and neat. Children run and play. The sun shines. The trees sway.

But there’s something rotten beneath this veneer of normalcy. Tempers flare explosively, shocking vulgarity trickles from the mouths of those who smile so politely, and the strong behave with hideous cruelty toward those they should protect. There are decent people here, but they may be the most troubling of all. They’re the ones pretending none of it is happening.

This is the world of Derry, Maine, the quaint small town in Stephen King’s It, where life comes at you slow – but death moves lightning fast. (The film opens on Sept. 8.)

This ugliness in Derry is not the fault of the townsfolk, exactly. They are under the sway of a pig-eyed, wispy-haired creature with jutting teeth who takes glee in pushing their buttons of fear, anger, hatred, and hopelessness. He nourishes himself on it.

And he is very well fed.

The creature is a clown who calls himself Pennywise, but really, it has no name, no face. It is an eternal, shapeshifting evil that lurks within the sewers of the town’s underworld, just as its spirit lurks in the dark chambers of the hearts and minds of Derry’s residents.

But It is not exactly hiding.

Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

Bill Skarsgard (Netflix’s Hemlock Grove) takes over the white-face and blood-red grin of Pennywise from Tim Curry,

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