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Google’s YouTube TV adds Jacksonville market to expanding television service – Florida Times

Google’s YouTube television has expanded to the Jacksonville market and the service now covers half of all American households.

Reuters news agency reported that YouTube’s TV streaming service has expanded to 14 new television markets, including Jacksonville, and the service plans to expand to another 17 markets across the nation.

“YouTube is broadening access to live TV streaming as younger viewers increasingly watch shows online and traditional broadcast networks grapple with aging demographics among viewers,” Reuters said.

The YouTube TV service is different than the online YouTube website where anyone can watch video snippets for free. The TV service is similar to a satellite or cablevision service and carries local television stations as well as premier on-demand television services. Sling TV, owned by Dish Network Corp., is considered a competitor to the YouTube TV service.

YouTube officials declined to comment on a Reuters request for numbers of subscribers to the television service.

Stephen Pollan, a member of the JAX Chamber Information Technology Council, said the local tech scene is growing, which likely led YouTube to expand to the Jacksonville market.

“I think what’s really been fascinating, being born and raised here in Jacksonville … is the rest of the country is starting to recognize that we’re not this backwards city,” Pollan said Friday.

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“Various groups here in Jacksonville are trying to work really hard to attract just those kind of companies to come to Jacksonville,” Pollan said, noting the average age of a Jacksonville resident is now 34 years old.

YouTube, of course, is a product of the millennial age, Pollan said.

“The millennials aren’t leaving Jacksonville. They’re starting to see the cultural pieces and things of that nature,” Pollan said. “I think what’s happening is that the rest

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