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Lincoln band rejects genre boundaries, takes control of music

Lincoln-based band, Producers of the Word shows you don’t need to be defined by a genre to make music.

The band is comprised of bassist, guitarist and glockenspiel player, John Bewley, electronic drummer, synthesizer, banjo, ukelele and harmonica player, Jeramie Beahm, guitarist Jesse Elsener, drummer Eric Harris and guitarist and keyboardist Chanty Stovall.

Beahm attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from 1998 to 2004, majoring in history, and Bewley worked for the university. The band, based out of Lincoln, will be playing at local venue Duffy’s Tavern, creating quite the local fanbase, according to Beahm.

Stovall said their style cannot be put into a category, freeing the group from genre restrictions. Their songs are all over the place, flipping from songs like “Starry” with techno vibes, to “Blood Wizard” which has no lyrics.

“It started as me mostly writing the material, and as time progressed there was a lot more collaboration,” Stovall said.

Chanty said he originally struggled to create a name for the group. He said he wanted to use the name to capture the feeling and came up with Producers of the Word. He said the name mostly references a Beatles song called “The Word.”

Despite liking the name, Beahm said they have discussed changing it due to people assuming they are are christian-rock band.

“I was tired of bands being labeled according to their name,” Stovall said.

Like most musicians, they were all introduced to music at a young age, specifically through their parents’ tastes. Beahm said he attributes his love of music to an Morley

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