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Music producer Larry Ryckman arrested at Scottsdale home for assault

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – A prominent music producer is facing misdemeanor assault charges stemming from a Scottsdale incident involving him and an unidentified woman.

On Oct. 6, Larry Ryckman called 911 to his Scottsdale home after allegedly getting into a fight with the woman.

According to a police report, Ryckman allegedly told officers he wasn’t concerned about his safety but had been drinking and went “apesh*t.” He also explained that he didn’t do “anything weird” to the victim during their argument.

The woman suffered multiple cuts to her body and an injured elbow during the incident, officials said. The victim told officers that Ryckman broke her phone because she was video recording him while he was on the phone with a business associate. 

The woman told officers that after Ryckman broke her phone, he pushed her down several times while chasing her into several rooms in the house, police paperwork said. 

Ryckman told officers that the woman often causes self-inflicted injuries to herself when they fight, a police report said. He also explained that their altercation started because the woman dislikes his mother.

While being placed under arrest, Ryckman allegedly threatened to assault one of the officers for being “rude” and “wrong.” A police report said he repeated himself several times and even explained that the incident would be all over TMZ. 

Ryckman is facing several charges including misdemeanor assault, disorderly conduct and criminal damage.

Ryckman released the following statement to ABC15 Wednesday night:

For the record, my wife of over 30 years is not pressing charges, nor did she ever want to press charges. I was the one who called the police because a dispute was getting out of hand.

I’m sure that you are aware that in Scottsdale the vast majority of domestic dispute calls to the police result in an arrest (and virtually always the man) out of an abundance of

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