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The Best Halloween Movies on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

The Amityville Horror film Halloween movies streaming Netflix Hulu

It’s not October without a scary movie marathon.

October is the perfect time to binge on stories of vampires, witches, and ghosts — as well as other terrifying subjects like city-destroying giant reptiles, undead house pets, and chainsaw-wielding murderers.

For those who like to prepare for Halloween by getting as spooked as possible, streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are making it easy. They’ve stacked their line-up with horror flicks that will guarantee you don’t sleep a wink this month. 

There are plenty of classics on the list, including Carrie, The Amityville Horror, and Pet Sematary, as well as more recent favorites like Blair Witch, Donnie Darko, and Hellboy. There are slashers, thrillers, and just plain creepy cult classics for viewers of all fear thresholds.

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And because this October also includes a Friday the 13th, there’s even more pressure for the streaming companies to deliver — and for viewers to tuck in for an extra frightening movie night.

So turn out the lights, grab the popcorn, and snuggle up with a buddy, because you definitely don’t want to watch these movies alone.

Halloween Movies on Netflix

Available Now

  • Ghost Patrol
  • Penelope
  • The Reaping
  • Veronica
  • 13 Demons
  • Cult of Chucky
  • The Survivalist
  • Raw
  • Middle Man
  • Donnie Darko

Available October 13

  • The Babysitter

Available October 15

  • Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses


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