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Davenport library receives donation of 1000s of rare, wonderful books — sale planned

Book titles, subjects

Here is a sampling of books for sale. For a list of more, go to

“You should see some of the art books,” Carol Wagner, of the Friends of the Davenport Public Library, said. “It’s just amazing.”

“1,000 Masterpieces of European Painting”


“Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker”

“Vincent Van Gogh, the Drawings”

“Great Cathedrals”



“The Louvre, all the paintings”

“The Vatican, all the paintings”

“Masterpieces of the Metropolitan Museum of Art”

“The Bayevx Tapestry- complete tapestry”

“Frida Kahlo”

“Birds of America”

“Mosses of the Great Lake Forest”

“Mosses and Lichens”

“Birds of America”

“Harvard Classics 1909,” 51 volumes

“Shakespeare Collection,” 38 volumes

“Marcel Proust,” six volumes

“Who’s Who in the Middle Ages”

“Who’s Who in the Greek World and the Roman World”

“Egypt: The World of the Pharaohs”

“Handbook of Chemistry and Physics”

“Lichens of North America”

“Falling Water”


“Celtic Warriors”

“Flora of North America”

“The Biology of Plants”

“The Plant Book”

“Ten Thousand Birds”

Milton: “Paradise Lost,” “Blake” in slipcase

Folio Society (all in slipcases): “Kipling,” “John Keats,” “Tennyson,” “Shelley,” “W.B. Yeats,” “Aristotle Ethics,” “Wordsworth,” “Cicero,” “Plato’s Republic,” “Marcus Aurelius,” “The Canterbury Tales”

“The Essential Goethe”

“The Oxford Companion to Philosophy”

“The Atlas of Human Anatomy”

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