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Movies coming back to Varsity Center for first time since 2003

CARBONDALE, IL – You may soon be able to enjoy a movie at the historic Varsity Center in Carbondale, Illinois. A special fundraiser is making it possible. The center hasn’t operated as a movie theater since 2003.

Going to the Varsity Center brings back a lot of memories for people who used to watch movies there. Right now the Varsity is used as a popular event center and performance art venue. But, with the help of the community, it will get back to its roots.

“It’s important to have the Varsity Center as a lively space where people can come for all sorts of entertainment. Whether it’s movies, plays, music, art, because Carbondale is a cultural hub of Southern Illinois,” said Varsity Center Board Member Nathan Colombo.

The movies that will be shown will be unique to the theater.

“Local films, documentaries, indy films, and film festivals. All opportunities that we are seeking out to share with the folks at the Varsity Center,” said Colombo.

The center has already raised $4,000 of the $5,000  needed to purchase a digital projector, Blu-Ray player, and other equipment.

“If we could utilize it to bring back people to spend their time and energy here in downtown Carbondale, then everybody in this community will see a benefit from that,” said Colombo.

The Varsity Center plans to also show several popular Christmas movies using the new equipment starting Dec. 15.

visit the for more information about how you can donate.

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