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New Murder Mystery Could Be The Future Of Television

Thanks to advances in the internet, we live in a world where interaction with our favourite celebs is easier than ever before, and it could be that it is going to become even easier to interact with our favourite TV programmes too.

Steven Soderbergh, the director behind a bunch of hit films like Ocean’s 11 and Lucky Logan, is leading the movement with his new murder mystery series, Mosaic.

Credit: PA Images

You can watch the trailer here…

Credit: HBO

The direction of the story line will depend on the choices made by the viewer. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Apparently, if we choose to see something from a particular character’s perspective, it may lead us to see more or possibly less of that particular story line – which of course would impact how we view the following story.

All of these choices will play a vital role in the murder mystery plot which will span across six episodes and air on HBO next year.

The series will include some pretty famous faces including Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund and Beau Bridges.


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