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Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz on Rosa’s revelation, what’s next

Rosa Diaz (or as her neighbors know her, Emily Goldfinch) is full of surprises — we just don’t get to know many of them.

On Tuesday night, in the 99th episode of Fox cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the notoriously tight-lipped, emotionally guarded, and altogether badass detective played by Stephanie Beatriz revealed something significant to the ever-inquisitive Charles (Joe Lo Truglio). After he asked her why he heard a woman’s voice on the phone refer to Rosa as “babe,” she tried to throw him off the scent before finally sharing that she is dating a woman and that she is indeed bisexual. She also quickly brushed him off when he tried to be enthusiastic and supportive, only to later apologize, explaining she didn’t think it was anybody’s business and that she didn’t want anything to change. And while it felt therapeutic for the woman who has only let slip little shards of insight into her life — she owns an ax, she studied ballet before being kicked out of school for “beating the crap out of ballerinas,” her idea of a perfect date is “cheap dinner, watch basketball, bone down” — to share this part of herself, she wanted them to return to not talking about this ever again. (Request denied by Charles.)

The 100th episode, which airs next Tuesday, will explore Rosa’s story in greater depth, emotion, and humor as she sets out to share the news with those closest to her. Right now, though, Beatriz takes us inside the show’s decision to have Rosa declare her sexuality, how Jake (Andy Samberg) will get entangled in her plans, and, sure, what Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas) might think of this revelation.

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