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The best music of 2017: The ballots

Kesha (Photo: Olivia Bee)

In a year as full of outstanding music as 2017, best-of voting can be a difficult task, and the wide variety of nominees across this year’s ballots reflects just how many great albums there were to choose from. After giving our Best Albums Of 2017 a read, dig into the individual lists our writers submitted of their favorite LPs, honorable mentions, EPs, and plenty more.

David Anthony

Top 10 LPs

1. Pile, A Hairshirt Of Purpose: This should come as no surprise. I love this band, I love this record, and it’s one of the few albums I can put on repeat and still have it hit me like it did the first time through.

2. Vagabon, Infinite Worlds: Much like the Pile record, I’ve listened to Infinite Worlds so many times it may as well be imprinted on my brain. But even then, the end of “Alive And A Well” still makes the hairs on my arms stand up by the end of it, no matter how well I know it.
3. Power Trip, Nightmare Logic: This is the most fun I had listening to a metal record this year. It’s vintage thrash with the softest hint of death metal tossed in, proving the so-called “thrash revival” is more than an assortment of derivatives.
4. (Sandy) Alex G, Rocket: Though many of Alex Giannascoli’s diehards would consider this statement sacrilege, Rocket is the first album of his that lacks any filler. On Rocker, Giannascoli is at his best, both as a songwriter and performer, and this record is his artistic peak—at least thus

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