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This Is the Movie Essay We Need Right Now

Some real headlines: “Tonya Harding Biopic Is the Movie We Need Right Now.” “‘Loving’ Is the Movie We Need Now.” “Why ‘Hidden Figures’ Is the Movie We Need Right Now.” “‘Bodied’ Gives a Middle Finger to ‘The Movie We Need Right Now.’” “‘Sorcerer’ Is the Movie We Need Right Now, Not ‘Star Wars.’” “Why ‘Moana’ Is the Movie We Need Right Now.” “Why Andrei Tarkovsky’s Interminably Dull 1979 Sci-fi Masterpiece ‘Stalker’ Is the Movie We Need Right Now.” “‘Get Out’ Is the Movie We Need and Deserve Right Now.” “Why We Need to Stop Saying ‘This Is the Movie We Need Right Now.’”

First impression: We’re very needy.

Second impression: Nothing—not the past, and certainly not the future—seems to matter as much as right now. We don’t typically say, despite undoubtedly feeling it, that a movie is the movie we needed five or 15 years ago, because who cares, we’ve moved on. And yet I can think of a few reasons Jordan Peele’s Get Out, a feature-length side eye at white liberalism and one of the most profitable movies of the year, would’ve been a perfect movie to release during, say, the Clinton era, rather than in the tailwinds of the Obama era. Meanwhile, Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman, another of the year’s biggest box office success stories, is the biggest Hollywood project helmed by a woman to date. When we say it’s the superhero movie we need right now, it’s out of impatience: We were 50 movies deep into a genre by and large devoted to men before we got it. We say “right now” when what we really mean is: Woman superheroes, woman action heroes, where have you been? A genuine answer is that they were in two profitable, long-running franchises that ended earlier this year, just

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