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Where to Stream the Best Movies of 2017

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It’s the season for big family films and Oscar hopefuls — that time of year when studios big and small try to cram all of their awards contenders into the period between Thanskgiving and Christmas. But as the film critics for The New York Times remind us, there were also plenty of great movies that opened in the year’s other 11 months. If you happened to miss any, their lists of the best movies of the year should help.

Not all of those films, however, are available to watch at home. (Some have yet to open in theaters!) But if you’re looking to get caught up, here’s where to stream some of A.O. Scott’s and Manohla Dargis’s best movies of the year:

Get Out
Where to watch: HBO, Amazon, iTunes

Jordan Peele wrote and directed the inescapable movie of 2017, a work of biting anti-consensus filmmaking that broke box office records. Part of the film’s genius is the way it splinters the mythology of American racial healing and then reassembles the shards into something lacerating and beautiful. — A.O. Scott

Where to watch: Netflix

Filled with lapidary visual touches and pictorial splendor, Bong Joon-ho’s lovely, often funny and achingly soulful movie about a girl and her pig didn’t receive the theatrical release it deserved because it was bought by Netflix, which largely seems committed to shoveling product into its pipeline. — Manohla Dargis

A Quiet Passion
Where to watch: Amazon Prime, iTunes

In this exquisitely directed biography of Emily Dickinson (a sensational Cynthia Nixon), Mr. Davies turns images into feelings.

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