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He Has a Rarity in Music: A Steady Paycheck


Joe Shadid, who uses the name Joe George in his recording career, at the video studio in Chicago.

Lyndon French for The New York Times

Joe Shadid, 30, is a music and content specialist for in Chicago.

What is, and what do you do there?

We’re an online marketplace where people buy and sell guitars, drums and other music gear.

I appear in our YouTube videos, demonstrating music instruments and gear, giving guitar lessons and discussing music theory. I also teach users how to replicate or change artists’ tones. In other videos, I interview musicians, usually about one of their songs or their gear. The music industry can be tough, and for a musician like me, this is a good way to earn a steady paycheck and stay close to my art.

When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

My brother and I loved music as kids. When I was about 9, we’d sneak across a busy road to buy albums at a music store on the other side. One night I was listening to “I’ve Just Seen a Face” way past my

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