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Pregnant country star Jessie James Decker has all the right moves in new music video

Country pop singer Jessie James Decker released a rocking new music video on Friday, “Flip My Hair,” that’s already making waves — and not for the cascading locks she whips back and forth throughout the song.

Decker, who is six months pregnant in the video, shared it with her fans on Instagram.

Video available on iTunes link in bio/ song available on album “southern girl city lights” at @Target exclusively ??. I knew I wanted to make a music video for this song as soon as I wrote it. When the question of “when” I wanted to shoot it came about, I thought to myself do I wait after I have the baby and get my body in perfect shape like I’m supposed to? Or do I just embrace where I am at my life, pregnant with my third baby? The answer came easily after sleeping on it. I said “we are shooting a music video even though I am six months pregnant and we will rock this shit!” ????????? I’ve already read some of your comments stating that it’s weird or it makes you uncomfortable or that other successful country female artists would never do this. Well if it makes you uncomfortable then that’s your own issue. As far as other successful country artists not doing this? You’re damn right… I am my own artist and I will continue to express myself in my own way. I’ve never felt sexier or more confident than I did during this music video shoot. I wanted to showcase that no matter where you are at in your life, shape,

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