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Rebecca Hall ‘profoundly sorry’ for working with Woody Allen, donates movie earnings to Time’s Up

Rebecca Hall is the latest actress to express regret over working with Woody Allen, while also pledging her salary from her recent project with the filmmaker to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund.

“The day after the [Harvey] Weinstein accusation broke in full force I was shooting a day of work on Woody Allen’s latest movie in New York,” Hall wrote Friday on Instagram, referring to A Rainy Day in New York, which stars Selena Gomez and Timothée Chalamet. “I couldn’t have imagined somewhere stranger to be that day. When asked to do so, some seven months ago, I quickly said yes. He gave me one of my first significant roles in film for which I have always been grateful, it was one day in my hometown — easy. I have, however subsequently realized there is nothing easy about any of this. In the weeks following I have thought very deeply about this decision, and remain conflicted and saddened.”

Following in the footsteps of Mira Sorvino and Greta Gerwig, Hall pointed to the recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times from Allen’s daughter Dylan Farrow as the reason for her change of heart. In the essay, Farrow called out prominent actresses including Gerwig, Blake Lively, and Kate Winslet for continuing to work with the filmmaker. Allen was accused of molesting Farrow when she was a child in 1992.

Allen has repeatedly denied Farrow’s allegations, writing in a 2014 piece published by The New York Times, “Of course, I did not molest Dylan.” After the publication of Farrow’s Los Angeles Times piece, a representative for Allen said, “Dylan Farrow’s allegations against Woody Allen, which she first made 25 years ago, have been thoroughly examined by law enforcement officials and child welfare investigators. The investigators concluded unambiguously that Dylan Farrow was not sexually abused. No

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