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You don’t have to be a Trump opponent to find Hallmark movies too white and boring

To the editor: The Hallmark Channel’s success is amazing. Steven Malanga declares that it is the darling of Trump supporters, who prefer it over more serious fare. (“Hallmark channels’ competitive advantage? Red state appeal,” Opinion, Jan. 9)

Here’s the typical Hallmark movie plot: A beautiful girl leaves the icky city for an idyllic vacation in a place with beautiful trees, maybe snow, cute-as-a-bunny shops and a man. This man is successful of course, and he is also handsome, sensitive and bright, whether he’s a ski instructor or a bed-and-breakfast owner. Most of the cast is white, although the protagonist might have a black sidekick, who spouts wisdom when prompted to do so.

As for the viewer, I picture a woman taking a break from housework or her job, knowing that this girl’s story and life could be hers instead of the life she has. Every show unfolds from a woman’s viewpoint. I have watched several just to get the “flavor.” I’m done with that, so it’s back to glorious old movies.

Surprise: I’m a Trump supporter, so not only have I included stereotypes, so have you. I don’t dislike Hallmark, as it apparently fills a niche, but I won’t be watching again any time soon now that my “research” is finished.

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