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Television: The box gave us the best moments of the week

The Eagles gave almost everyone I know a feel-good week.

The team’s appearance in the Super Bowl was enough to excite multitudes. Its victory over the New England Patriots united the community, fusing it into a proud and solidly happy fan base, the way no politician or manufactured rally could.

The days between the NFC championship win over Minnesota and today are among the most golden in Delaware Valley history, and television helped bring so much of the drama, color, celebration, and joy home to us.

First came the games. Whether they were on Fox, NBC, ESPN, or some other outlet, they were the water cooler topic — how well the Eagles are doing, how likeable the team is, Carson Wentz being young, Nick Foles being such a delightful surprise, a dynasty in the making.

Up to and including the Supere Bowl, wasn’t the most spectacular part about each broadcast the game itself?

Certainly that was true of Super Bowl LII.

Locally rooted entertainers Pink and Leslie Odom, Jr. started things off well. There was a commercial or two that lived up to Super Bowl expectations, especially those produced by Jeep and Eli Manning horning some Super Bowl attention by playing Patrick Swayze to Odell Beckham, Jr.’s Jennifer Grey. Justin Timberlake was mediocre and demonstrated the missing link of rock concerts, putting histrionic fireworks

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