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Guillermo del Toro Picks 11 Criterion Collection Movies You Need to See

Guillermo del Toro may be one of the world’s most beloved filmmakers, but he’s also one of its most avid cinephiles. The director has been making the press rounds nonstop this awards season in promotion of “The Shape of Water,” which is currently nominated for 13 Academy Awards, and he recently made a stop at the Criterion Collection to share 10 titles in the library that every fellow cinephile needs to see.

Included in del Toro’s picks are classics from the Coen brothers, Jean Cocteau, and Alfred Hitchcock. Anyone familiar with del Toro’s work shouldn’t be surprised that he recommends Cocteau’s 1946 “Beauty and the Beast” adaptation, which he has brought up several times when talking about inspirations behind “The Shape of Water.”

Visit the Criterion Collection website for del Toro’s full commentary, including video interviews on each title with “Mythbuster” host Adam Savage.

1.  Jean Cocteau’s “Beauty and the Beast” (1946)

“One of the most magical films ever made, one that truly is in love with the sublime, sophisticated, Freudian quality that a fairy tale really has.”

2. Joel and Ethan Coen’s “Blood Simple” (1984)
“’Blood Simple’ contains most, if not all, of the preoccupations the Coens will articulate throughout their career . . . It’s a perfect first movie.”

3. Felipe Cazals’s “Canoa: A Shameful Memory” (1976)
“’Canoa’ was part of the generation of films that changed Mexican cinema . . . The screenplay is one of the most brilliant ever written . . . Formally and thematically, it absolutely changes the game of what a

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