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Top CEOs reveal the books that changed their lives

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington reveals
which book changed her life.


  • LinkedIn Influencer Betty Liu published this post
    originally on LinkedIn.
  • Diving deep into a subject by reading a book can change
    your life, as CEOs attest to.
  • Dan Gilbert was influenced by two Tom Peters books and
    helped him be a great leader.


I’m a big advocate of micro-learning. That is the whole reason
why I started Radiate.

But there’s also something special and transformative about
diving deeper into a subject. That is, when you have the time.

Many books have changed my view on the world. “A Turn in the
South” by VS Naipaul altered my entire approach to a part of
America that was unfamiliar to me. Spencer Johnson’s 100-page
parable “Who Moved My Cheese” — as corny as the title sounds — is
probably as relevant today as it was when it was published in
1998. I would argue even more relevant in this age of rapid
technological change.

And when I first began to think seriously about starting our

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