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9 dark, disturbing cyberpunk movies to watch if you loved Altered Carbon

With Altered Carbon now streaming on Netflix and the Duncan Jones-helmed Mute on the way, February very much feels like a good month for cyberpunk. But what does this fascinating sub-genre of sci-fi actually stand for? I’m sure, for most of us, the word immediately conjures up images of futuristic Tokyo-esque megacities, brimming with neon lights and rainy, dark alleyways, but that iconic aesthetic – as first popularised by the original Blade Runner – is neither an exclusive nor necessary ingredient to making a great cyberpunk movie.

Cyberpunk is sci-fi with sharply critical social commentary, a piece of work that refuses to ever indulge in the utopian fantasies of the future, but instead ponders how society’s obsession with technology might come at a cost to our own humanity. Most cyberpunk movies don’t usually have a happy ending, then, often dealing in shades of ambiguity and blurred morality that makes you question everything you just saw. So, if you’re planning on watching our following selection of the best cyberpunk movies out there, perhaps intersperse your binge with the odd viewing of Tomorrowland or Wall-E, just so you’re not left feeling too depressed about the future of humankind. 

The Matrix (1999)

Here’s a fact that will make you feel old; The Matrix celebrates its 20th birthday next year. Yet, by some magic, the movie’s blend of high-concept action and industry-leading CGI still impresses even when compared with some of the equally highbrow sci-fi movies of the 21st century. 

The Matrix remains a significant technical milestone for filmmaking, and it’s still the best thing The Wachowski siblings have ever made, but a lot of its style and substance owes a debt to a cyberpunk heritage that’s clear from the opening moments. Future sequels in the trilogy had their good and bad

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