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Inside the Season’s New Books


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Page 76

The artist Celeste Dupuy-Spencer interprets what’s happening on Page 76 of newly published or upcoming titles. Plus, a few other releases on our radar.

CreditCeleste Dupuy-Spencer

House of Fact, House of Ruin
Poems by Tom Sleigh

And what my freedom gave me
on the far side of the plains were mountains that salt flats

led away from to my promised land of Raymond Chandler,
the total marine darkness between each little beach town
on Highway 101 before the sullen phosphorus
of the cruise? ship casino three miles beyond the harbor.

With these poems, Sleigh travels from battlefields ranging in location from Baghdad to Brooklyn’s projects, interrogating the increasingly shaky notion of truth and the extent to which the work of artists (Piero della Francesca, Jimi Hendrix) might offer some redemption. “Autobiography,” quoted above, was partly inspired by Raymond Chandler’s 1940 detective novel “Farewell, My Lovely.” Published by Graywolf Press on Feb. 6.

CreditCeleste Dupuy-Spencer

A novel by Ali Smith

Other words for Charlotte? Musical. Thoughtful. Always catching him out with her sidelong consciousness, her way of listening to the sides of what you say and responding to what you didn’t know you were saying, or to what you were trying but failing to say. Her complete lack of

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