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Must-see Valentine’s Day horror movies

By Alan Toner

If you’re an ardent horror movie fan, are totally in love with your partner as another Valentine’s Day approaches, and want something a little more dark to watch as you cuddle up together on the sofa, rather than the same old sloppy rom com, then here are two great Valentine’s Day horror movies you might like to check out.

1. Valentine (2001) – Directed by Jamie Banks and starring Denise Richards and Marley Shelton, Valentine is the perfect slasher movie to watch on the night of universal romance. It tells the story of school nerd Jeremy Melton who, at a Valentine’s Day dance in 1988, is rejected for a dance by four of the school year’s most popular girls. Finally, a rather shy, overweight girl agrees to a dance. Later on, the pair are discovered in a passionate embrace by a gang of school bullies. In a fit of shame, the fat girl makes a false allegation to the bullies that Jeremy has assaulted her. This prompts the thugs to strip and set about poor Jeremy, humiliatingly in front of the whole school.

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