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‘The Cured’ Review: Zombie Movie Adds Guilt, Regret to Gross-Out Genre

It’s such an ingenious idea for a zombie movie that you’re surprised no one’s thought about it before. A global epidemic turns massive amounts of the world’s population into flesh-craving ghouls. An antidote is found, which allows most of these everyday-people monstrosities to come back from the equivalent of the walking, chomping dead. (Most … but not all.) The catch is that these former mindless killing machines remember every horrible thing they did under the influence of “the Maze Virus” – and they have to live with their memories, their regret, their guilt and their shame. As for folks who suffered loss at the grasping hands and gnashing incisors of these murderers, they have neither forgotten nor forgiven what happened either. And the facade that now everyone is supposed to pretend everything’s back to normal with clean consciences and no consequences is destined to fall apart.

That’s the basic conceit of The Cured, an Irish entry in the living-dead canon – technically, an “infected” movie, the genre’s younger, wilder sibling – that nudges the durable horror-film staple into previously untrod truth-and-reconciliation territory. How does society come back from a collective trauma and start healing?, it asks. How does one reintegrate while dealing with the fallout from bloodlust crimes perpetrated under mass duress? And how the hell do you face your neighbor when they’ve tried to eat your child?

For survivors like Abbie (Ellen Page),

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