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Festival brings music to Sanford porches

The porch of Noelle Reningers’ historic Sanford bungalow played host to a music festival Saturday, with blues, reggae and bluegrass singers sharing the stage.

Homes like Reningers’ were part of an upstart music gathering called Sanford Porchfest, in the oak tree-lined residential district notable for its spacious porches and early-20th-century homes.

“I bought a house like this so I could entertain, have people over and share it with the world,” said Reninger, who was helping her son Landon, 6, with a lemonade and cookie booth dubbed “Landonade.” “As soon as I found out they were doing this, I thought ‘What better porch than ours?’”

Six Sanford homeowners made their front yards and stoops available, and the sounds of fiddles, guitars and pianos rang through the neighborhood as residents biked from show to show, children drew with chalk on sidewalks and women danced on lawns. The Porchfest festival covered 14 square blocks just south of Sanford’s downtown area and 30 bands and singers played free of charge.

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