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Elaine May’s Adult Entertainment from The Klunch, an erudite offshoot from its Cherry Red roots (Review)

What do you think of this script for a possible Merchant/Ivory film? Fade in on Melissa, a young, very three-dimensional woman, sitting on a lounge chair in her underwear. Tina, her faithful maid, comes in to tell Melissa that her lover is at the door — with another man. They reminisce about Melissa’s first date — a night at the prom with her long-ago boyfriend, Bud. The memory sends them into an amorous reverie, and soon thought becomes action. As this happens, Melissa’s lover barges through the door, with the other man — who happens to be Bud. Or maybe Bud’s son, it’s not decided. They proceed to have sex….

Frosty Moons (Paige O’Malley) and Heidi the Ho (Ellie Nicoll) (background) Guy (Tony Greenberg) and Gerry (Erik Harrison) in Adult Entertainment (Photo: Ryan Smith)

No? Not exactly “Remains of the Day”? But, as the participants in a well-known public access porn talk show hosted by Heidi the Ho (Ellie Nicoll) ask each other, why can’t porn be art? Or art be porn, for that matter? They are gathered to mark the death of the great porn director, Marty Akins, whose 2500 productions dwarf the output of Martin Scorsese (24 films) and David Lynch (38) combined. Marty’s brother Guy (Tony Greenberg) who notes that he is a director in legitimate (regional) theater, is in attendance, as are the porn megastars Frosty Moons (Paige O’Malley), who once played the iconic Melissa Ryan, and Jimbo (Steve Lebens), who starred in Jumbo. Vixen (Zoe Walpole) calls in. I do not believe that these are their real names, but the text is silent on the issue.

Director Joe Banno describes directing this “porno Pygmalian”

After giving the magnificent Marty his props, the host and guests

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