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"Jessica Jones" is the best show on television about female friendship, and as a bonus it also includes superheroes

Toward the very end of the second season of Jessica Jones, our titular hero Jessica finds herself in a hospital room, pleading with the Big Bad of the season to not hurt Trish Walker. Trish has already been badly injured, and the Big Bad is threatening to end the child-star-turned-radio host right here and now. As Jessica cradles Trish on the floor, the Big Bad yells out, “You stole my family.” Jessica cries back, “Please don’t take mine.” 

Jessica and Trish are not related whatsoever. After Jessica’s family dies in a tragic car accident, and she’s the sole survivor, the Walker family takes her in — even though the Walker family isn’t at all happy about it. Trish and her mother Dorothy frequently berate Jessica, and honestly make her life even more of a living hell than it already is. But then somewhere between the insults and Jessica throwing small tantrums (remember when she ripped the Walker’s sink out of the wall during Season 1?) something amazing happens between Jessica and Trish: They do actually become a family.

Even though they’re not related and couldn’t be more polar opposite at times, they’re sisters through and through. They call each other sisters. Other people refer to them as sisters. They love each other like sisters, and support each other like sisters, and they sure as hell fight as sisters. And this is what makes Jessica and Trish’s relationship the best depiction of female friendship on television, even though it is technically a Marvel show about superheroes.

During an age (that yes, is slowly shifting) where female characters only really seem to talk to other female characters about the men in their lives, Jessica and Trish spend maybe about 10 seconds on that topic over the

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