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Victoria’s Secrets: The powerful magic of books

From hearing John Lithgow read a child’s story to reinvigorate his dying father, to seeing Maria Shriver interviewed about her best-selling newest book, I’ve Been Thinking, to a Saturday night dinner party with three authors, it’s been an inspiring week!

Then, throw in the unique tribute to 40 women at our show-stopping, successful Brooklyn Power Women in Business Awards Networking Event, and it was a week to cherish and relish!

Many of you know John Lithgow from his 40-year career in theatre, TV, movies and yes, even dancing with the New York City Ballet. He is performing now on Broadway in the sold-out, one-man show, John Lithgow: Stories by Heart. I was thrilled to experience the actor who personifies the best of that genre.

His tale in two acts brings us along as he visits his critically ill and depressed father who had been a firebrand for most of his over 80 years. John remembers how his dad had read him books every night when he was a child, and it occurred to him that he would read his dad one of those cherished stories, “Uncle Fred Flits By,” by P.G. Wodehouse.

John Lithgow's Stories by Heart told a powerful story of laughter

John Lithgow’s “Stories by Heart” told a powerful story of laughter

The moving story performed by Lithgow in the voices of all the characters made me laugh out loud — and, as Lithgow remembered, his dad also laughed from his sickbed. The laughter little by little brought his dad out of his depression and out of bed and back to “life.”

I was there with him for the journey and appreciated the lesson for us all evoked by the power of laughter and the power of theatre.

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